Swimming Ponds

Aquatic Ponds A Landscapers Dream

Swimming ponds are rapidly growing in popularity all over the world - and no wonder. Swimming ponds cost about 20% of a real swimming pool and require about 20% of the maintenance work and ongoing costs. Many people don't like the chemicals and the unnatural feeling that is part of owning a conventional swimming pool, but enjoy the natural feeling of swimming in a backyard pond.

Swimming ponds combine the basic swimming pool with the flexible, liner-based construction of a typical garden pond. Natural landscaping and a continuous water supply ensure the pond remains chemical-free, but still safe for human use. Plus, the beauty of swimming ponds really adds to your landscapes charm.

One thing to remember with a swimming pond is safety. Make sure your pond is adequately protected so no one can inadvertently fall in. If you live where the pond freezes in the winter, ensure you use proper signage and markers to warn people. Sometimes the snow covers the pond and you may not see a difference between land and pond. Also, be prepared for wildlife to enjoy it as well.

But how are swimming ponds maintained and kept clean without chemicals? Swimming ponds are designed to let nature do all the dirty work; your only job is to enjoy a refreshing dip whenever you want!

With a swimming pond, aquatic plants around the outside of the pond filter out debris like a natural skimmer or filter. A small waterfall provides a soothing sound and gives the pond some aeration. The last bit of cleaning is done with a UV sterilizer , which provides biological safety.

Won't all this stuff be in your way when you are trying to swim? Not really, since the swimming area is separated from the plants and the natural cleaning components by a plastic or wooden barrier installed about six inches to a foot under the surface of the water. On the plant side of the barrier, keep the water shallow so the plants are rooted close to the surface. The other side of the barrier can hold deeper water for swimming.

The bottom of a swimming pond is usually made of a thick rubber liner. A yearly vacuum of the pond floor will eliminate any accumulated mud or sand. Depending how much time you have and your budget, it may be better to hire a contractor to do this for you.

And how's this for a treat? In northern regions, you can turn your swimming pond into a skating rink in winter!

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