Preformed Ponds

The Perfect Pond Starter Kits

Preformed pond "tubs" are the most popular style on the market today, mostly because of their reasonable price. With costs ranging from $50 to $100, most homeowners can afford the basic component needed to start a backyard pond project.

Preformed ponds are also simpler to install than using a pond liner for a custom pond. The only drawback to using a preformed pond tub is that you can't customize the shape to your liking.

However, with the right decoration, like rocks around the outside to hide the tub's edges, it can look just as natural as a custom pond. Another disadvantage is preformed ponds aren't generally over 100 gallons in size, so you have to winterize your fish, some aquatic plants cannot root properly and both are easy prey for predators.

Preformed ponds are usually made of fiberglass and come with a pump and a filter. Due to recent popularity, manufacturers are now making different shapes, sizes and configurations to enhance the look and creativity of your yard. The main advice is to shop around before you make your purchase. Some pond supply retailers charge a larger mark-up, especially if you live in smaller, inaccessible towns. Do your homework and look online first.

The key to installing preformed ponds is to dig a hole the same size and shape of the tub, so that it can be placed in the ground snugly. You should allow the top rim of the preformed tub to sit several inches above ground level when it is unfilled. When you fill it with water, it will sink into the soil and become level with the ground. To mark the area, use a garden hose or spray paint. It is advised to dig the hole immediately before installation because it could rain, raccoons could wreak havoc with the area or kids could fall into the hole.

These types of ponds are good as starter ponds and they are not wasted later if you decide to upgrade to a larger or liner-based pond. You can always use the preforms as a holder for fish when cleaning, use it as an indoor place to winterize your pond fish or use the frame as an addition to your new pond. The preformed ponds are great additions for multi-level, waterfall ponds as well.

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