Pond Liners

Choosing a Pond Liner

Custom ponds require liners, just like swimming pools. They allow you to dig the shape of the pond any way you want it. The liner sits in the hole, holds the water in the pond and keeps it from leaking and losing water.

Pond liners are very flexible and are designed to conform to any hole, regardless of its shape. They are built to withstand serious punishment, remain flexible through extreme temperatures and are UV resistant. Most liners are made of polyethylene and come with a 20-year warranty which guarantees a solid and leak-proof pond.

When installing your pond liner, you need to make sure you have enough liner to cover the depth and enough to cover the sides, reaching up and over of the top of your pond. Here's how to determine how much liner you will need:

  • Measure the pond's width, length and depth and make sure all measurements are taken at the deepest, longest and widest parts of the pond.
  • Length of Pond Depth X 2 2 extra feet = Total Length of Liner
  • Width of Pond Depth X 2 2 extra feet = Total Width of Liner

Chances are the basic liner will not be wide or long enough if you have a very large pond, so you will need to attach two or more pieces together with adhesive silicon or another splice kit method. However, this method is not recommended. You may be able to get a larger liner from a roofing company. If you do this, remember to put the algaecide-side down on the earth and not where the water will go.

Pond liners vary in price depending on the size and weight. The smallest liners, about 8' x 10', will cost around $30, while the largest, usually 40' x 40', can cost up to $670. They are also available in rolls, ranging from 5.5' x 100' at $220, up to 50' x 100' at $2,000.

Another component that is recommended for the installation of a liner is an underlayment. An underlayment can protect the liner from being punctured and provides an additional layer of protection against leaks. Sometimes pond liner kits will include these.

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