Pond Repair

Maintenance is the Key to Maintaining Your Pond

Occasionally you will need to top up the water level in your garden pond as a result of evaporation. If you find that you're constantly adding water to your garden pond, you may have a leak.

Garden ponds typically leak as a result of one of the following:

Plumbing leaks - a leak in your pond's exterior plumbing can usually be determined by wet or damp soil around the area the plumbing is installed.

Punctured or sagging pond liners - rocks and debris can shift your liner out of place or pierce through your pond's liner.

Water wicking - occurs when surrounding plants are dipping or drinking from your pond's water.

Leaks are the only repair job that should be handled by the pond owner. Pond liner leaks are easily patched with a splice or seal kit. These peel-and-stick kits, which are kind of like duct tape, are the most common form of liner patches.

Most pond repair kits are universal. When using a pond repair kit simply follow the manufacturer's instructions. Garden ponds have to be emptied and cleaned before being patched. In many cases, ponds with severe pond leaks or cracks will have to be relined with a new liner.

Expandable Foam is the best way to repair a crack in a concrete or rock garden pond. The expandable foam is sprayed in between rocks to better allow the water to flow through a stream or waterfall. Expandable foam is also an ideal way to block gaps between rocks in order to force water to flow over rocks or in certain directions.

Any maintenance that needs to be done to the pond's pump or filter equipment should be done by a professional and covered by the warranty. That said, it is your responsibility to maintain the filter. During the hardest season of the year it is recommended that you clean them once a week, to ensure debris and algae aren't clogging the system. This will ensure your water has a better chance of being balanced as well. Skim out all leaves and debris regularly. This will ensure your filter stays in full functioning order. Pond repair can be nearly eliminated with the proper pond maintenance .

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