Pond Maintenance

Maintaining Your Pond Regularly

There are seasonal procedures you should do to your pond besides maintaining it regularly. Regular pond maintenance will ensure the life of your pond. The better treatment of fish and plants and will give you a much better chance of clear, balanced water.

Summer Pond Maintenance:

  • Clean out the filter and pump regularly. Check it at least once a week.
  • Add water from evaporation in intervals. You don't want any extremes to bother the balance in temperature or chemical levels in your pond by adding a lot of water at once.
  • Prune your plants. Add floating aquatic plants . Dead head plants regularly. If you spot leaf mildew, remove the infected parts to stop it from spreading.
  • Introduce new fish gradually. Get rid of bad algae' and blanketweed. Since algae, both beneficial and detrimental, suck the oxygen out of the water at night, make sure you use an aerator or waterfall to add oxygen to the water.

Fall Pond Maintenance:

  • Remove pump and filter if you do not have fish, plus any decorative features, like waterfalls or misters, which may be damaged by freezing.
  • Add a pond de-icer or heater.
  • Keep the pond as leaf-free as you can.
  • Cut back plants, add mulch to border plants and transfer frail plants indoors.
  • Transfer applicable fish inside if it gets cold.

Winter (for Climates with Snow) Pond Maintenance:

  • Make sure you have a pond de-icer, at bare minimum, if you are keeping fish in the pond over the winter. Methane gas can build-up and get into the water supply and then kill the fish.
  • Do not feed fish.
  • If you haven't removed filter and pump, you may want to do so now.
  • Get rid of any dead plants, leaves or debris from the pond.
  • Throw a couple of tennis balls in the pond to alleviate pressure on the structure of your pond when the ice hits.
  • Check water level regularly in case of leaks or evaporation.
  • Remove the surface snow off the pond as much as possible to allow the light to get in.

Spring Pond Maintenance:

  • Take out the de-icer or heater. Put the filter and pump back in and turn them on.
  • Start feeding the fish again once the temperature reaches 10-degrees Celsius.
  • Check the water level. If your fish were in the pond for the winter, add water in intervals to prevent the temperature or the balance of the water from changing at once. If you had your fish indoors, add water and balance the water before putting them back in.
  • Keep an eye on the algae.
  • If the water is black, remove at least 1/3 of the water and replace, after getting rid of leaves and any other decomposed organic material.
  • Fix up the border area, including pruning shrubs and plants.
  • Check the pond netting and repair as necessary.
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