Pond Timers

Timing Your Pond's Lights, Heaters & Feeders

Your garden pond is obviously going to need power, but unless you're willing to constantly monitor it, a power supply with a timer is a necessity.

For maximum conservation of both water and electricity, put a timer on your garden pond features. Garden accessories such as waterfalls or fountains can be turned off during the day when no one is home. Simply hook your garden pond pump or fountain up to a timer and set it to turn off when you're not around to enjoy it or to have it come on in intervals throughout the day.

Pond lights and pond heaters can also be run via a timer. Pond lights can be timed so that you have the convenience of having them automatically come on as the sun is setting, and automatically shut off as the sun rises. Also consider using a rain sensor in conjunction with your garden pond timer. That way, if your pond experiences heavy rainfall the pump or fountain will not turn on until it stops raining.

Pond feeders can now have timers saving you and your fish from calamity. Most models look like bird feeders and hang over the pond. Some models even give itself a shake to ensure the food isn't stuck in the feeder. However, these models are generally noisy. If you purchase time release pond feeders you have to check them consistently. Unfortunately, some of the pond feeders may jam and the result could be devastating. These items cost about $100 and pond feeders with hoppers cost in excess of $130.

Ponds & Electricity:

Extreme safety must be taken with garden ponds, as electricity and water are being used in conjunction. Most new power control consoles, or power centers, feature weather-resistant construction and a really long power cord to keep the electricity far away from the pond.

It's important to have a good and safe power supply to ensure safety around the pond. Most power centers come with 4 outlets for plugs and a makeshift roof to prevent water and rain from getting in. Garden ponds can also be run by battery.

Power control centers usually cost about $145 - $175 online.

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