Pond Thermometers

Measuring Your Temperature with Manual and Digital Pond Thermometers

In order to keep your pond at the right temperature, mainly for a pond containing fish, a thermometer is a definite necessity. Pond thermometers come with a hole or ring in one end and should be hung from one of the pond's sides by a string, a rope or a supplied tether cord.

The pond thermometer must always sit in the water completely - for the best results, it should sit about half way down the depth of the water. Pond thermometers will be especially helpful if you've decided to move tropical pond plants or pond fish indoors during the winter months.

Digital pond thermometer systems are becoming increasingly popular with avid ponders. While the price is a bit steep, the constant monitoring is worth it if you have specialized fish or plants. FilterTech has a good system which includes LED display, a temperature tolerance of minus or plus one degree, and you can program it to increase temperature up to two degrees a day or to reduce temperature one degree a day. Plus, it can be submerged down to twenty meters. This digital pond thermometer costs about $200 and boasts a variety of optional attachments, such as an alarm.

Tropical pond plants should never be exposed to temperatures below 40-degrees Fahrenheit. When the weather starts to turn cold, tropical pond plants should be monitored and the temperature of the water should be taken regularly with a thermometer. Once the plants' leaves start to turn yellow and the water temperature dips below 40-degrees Fahrenheit, the plants should be moved indoors and kept under artificial lights throughout the winter.

Many pond owners also choose to move their fish indoors during the winter months. Pond fish should always be moved indoors before the pond water temperature dips below 55-degrees Fahrenheit in order to reduce any risk of the fish suffering shock from the change from outdoor to indoor temperatures. Wintering fish can be kept in large indoor aquariums, kids wading pools, preformed ponds or non-toxic troughs.

Pond thermometers always have Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. To read the temperature, simply pull the thermometer out of the water.

Pond thermometers usually go for around $10.

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