Pond Nets

Keeping Your Pond Clear with Netting

Pond nets are designed to be spread across your pond, ideally in the fall, to keep debris like dead leaves from falling into your pond. Nets are also a practical way of keeping predators away from the fish, pond vegetation and other living creatures in your pond.

Pond nets are typically made of plastic components, solid plastic or nylon for seine nets, and are available in a variety of different net designs. Pond nets are usually constructed of 3/8-inch mesh and are designed with UV inhibitors for a longer lifespan.

Since pond nets don't come with anchoring features, you will have to make your own or use rocks or bricks to hold them down securely. Some pond netting does come with anchors to affix it to the ground. I personally prefer the use of well placed rocks to give it a natural look. Some of the stakes, which come with pond net kits, are brightly colored and quite frankly, unsightly. These kits generally cost about $100.

Pond nets are available in many different sizes, with prices ranging from $14 for a 7 x10-foot net all the way up to $112 for a 17 x100-foot net. Heavy-duty, solid plastic meshed nets cost anywhere from $90 to $160. This material is available in nets sized up to 50 x 50-feet.

There is also another type of pond net called a skimmer. Regularly skimming your pond with a net is important because leaves from nearby trees and bushes can quickly build-up on the bottom of your pond, robbing the water of essential oxygen, stressing your fish and clogging your filtration system. Before winter, it's extremely important to skim the majority of vegetation from the bottom of your pond with a net.

When purchasing a pond skimmer net, pay the extra money. Pond skimmers are not expensive, so get one with a telescopic handle for those hard to reach places. Most newbie ponders start small and grow the pond out once addicted. If you purchase a telescopic net you won't have to buy all new equipment.

Telescopic pond skimmer nets cost about $40 -$80 depending on the size, manufacturer and materials.

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