Pond Lights

From Blah to Wow with Submergible, Solar, Floating & Rock Lights in Your Pond

Lighting can really add a creative dimension to your pond at night. Lighting can be inserted into the pond, behind a waterfall, in a fountain, above the water and even placed around the perimeter of the pond. Being able to see your pond at night can add a warm, relaxed mood or feeling to your yard.

There are a few different approaches to underwater lighting. The main idea is to illuminate the water in the pond by placing special underwater lights on the walls or on the bottom. You can have as many underwater pond lights as you want, but one light can illuminate quite a bit. The larger your pond, the more lighting that will be needed to illuminate the pond. It might also benefit from a spotlight placed above it.

Underwater pond lighting is available in different colors to allow for a more unique yard decoration. Colored lenses that can be placed over your underwater lights to illuminate the pond with that color are available separately. If you have a larger pond with more than one light in it, you can even get creative and add lighting in several different colors. By choosing colors that go well together, you could really add a creative sparkle to your yard!

There are basically four types of pond lights to consider and combining them with pond misters is spectacular:

Rock Lights: Rock lights don't necessarily have to be rock-shaped. Popular models of this type of pond rock lighting include frogs, turtles and many other animals. Basically, the halogen lights are incased in something that looks like a rock to blend in with the pond's theme and overall garden landscape. They are usually low voltage (3 to 20 watts) and come with at least a 16 foot cord.

Submergible Pond Lights: These lights can turn your meager pond into a really beautiful piece of landscaping. The halogen lights and transformers go into the pond. If you are planning to buy these beauties, you should ensure you get the proper mounting brackets so the underwater lights do not end up face down on the bottom. Also, you can get special light lens covers to change the color. Depending on the depth of your pond, you should get at least 35 to 75 watt bulbs deeper ponds require higher wattage. If you have a pond with stepped sides, the look is outstanding.

Floating Pond Lights: Most varieties of these pond lights are made of temperature and water resistant bowl-shapes and use 5 watt bulbs. They usually come with individual cables which are low voltage. They look very serene amongst lily pads and most water plants.

Solar Pond Lights: These rechargeable lights use the sun to illuminate the darkness. Solar pond lights automatically come on when it gets dark. Basically, these lights float on the pond's surface and don't require very much maintenance or timers. Most of the lights themselves are not very attractive in the daytime, but they can glow in many different colors and look fantastic at night. The solar batteries generally last up to 3-years before needing to be replaced. The advantage is you don't need electricity.

Underwater lighting usually ranges from $80-$280 and spotlights are usually close to $100 each. If you plan to have several lights and you wish to keep your yard safe, while not having to turn them on manually, then a transformer with a timer would be a wise component to include in your lighting equipment. They usually go for just over $100.

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