Pond Hoses and Tubing

One of the Cheapest Parts of Your Pond System

To allow adequate water passage through your garden pond pump and filter, you will require flexible hose or tubing that will not kink or flatten.

The latest tubing for garden ponds is designed with reinforcement wire built right into the tubing to prevent flattening and kinks, while still maintaining significant flexibility. Splurging a little on a hose for your garden pond will greatly reduce the risk of cracks and stiffness - causing frequent repairs for your pond to operate properly in the long run.

Your garden pond hose should be regularly inspected for stiffness, kinks or cracks. Any constrictions in the hose will reduce the water flow to your filter, waterfall or pond fountain - resulting in an unhealthy build up of harmful bacteria in your pond water.

As a general rule of thumb, the size of your hose should always be one size larger than the diameter of your pump's outlet. Always remember - the larger the hose diameter, the gentler the flow of water. If the flow of water in your pond is too strong, you can lessen the flow by increasing the hose diameter and using an adapter with steel clamps to secure it.

Regardless of if you need an adaptor or not, fittings are required to connect the tubing to your garden pond's pump and filter. Plastic hose clamps provide secure connections between the hose to the pump to ensure the hose doesn't pop-out and abruptly stop the flow of water to your filter, waterfall or fountain.

It is also advised to stay away from black hoses since the water can be heated in the hose. The key to garden ponds is balance. The temperature, chemical levels and algae levels should remain constant. If you need to add a lot of water, a black hose can unbalance your pond water's temperature and be detrimental to the fish. Hose and tubing is cheap, spend the extra cents for a top quality hose.

Garden pond hose is usually sold by the foot and is available in different thicknesses, from ¾-inches up-to 1 ½-inches. It usually doesn't cost more than $2.30 per foot for the largest width of hose.

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