Pond Fountains

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Pond's Sound & Beauty

Pond fountains can dramatically improve the appearance of your pond and their soothing sounds can help create a lovely atmosphere for outdoor relaxation.

Pond fountains can also be beneficial to your pond economically. They help with the aeration and circulation of the water, which results in better filtering and cleaning of the pond. They work by being submersed in the water on a plinth, using fountain pipes and a flow adjuster.

Along with your fountain, you will need a fountain pump , because the fountain itself will not have the built-in pressure to spray water out at its given height. Pond fountains come in different styles, designs and sizes, which all have different looks and effects. Small fountains can be used to create a unique-looking bubble or small feature, while large residential fountains can spray high into the air in a given pattern.

There are many types of fountain sprays you can have in your garden, so it's not as easy as just picking out a box and setting it up. There are factors to consider, like height, water pressure, the overall theme of your landscaping, etc. It would look ridiculous to see a huge plume in a tiny pond, plus you'd waste water and unbalance your pond in the process.

The basic types of water jets are whirling spray (sprinkler type), the ring jet style (like taking a hose just below the surface and watching the water mushroom), bell jets make a shape of a bell (be careful using these if it's windy) and for the ultra-formal type ponds, there are two-tiered sprays reminiscent of tiered, bird feeder style garden fountains. Of course, there are also bursting sprays resembling plumes.

The rule of thumb with pond fountains is NEVER allowing the spray to go outside the pond's boundaries. If you do, you could wreck the pond's outer structure and solidity, change the water's balance, and allow ground chemicals to drain into the pond. You could waste a lot of money on refilling your pond and fixing the border area, which may have been turned into a marsh.

You can decorate your fountain by adding pond lights that can be attached to the sides to illuminate the water. Another nifty accessory is fountain nozzles , which change the pattern, direction, velocity and whole design of the way the water is sprayed out of the fountain. Plus, there are always foggers for an ominous look.

A fountain, filter and pump often come in the same unit as a combo, which means that the fountain provides aeration, eliminating the need for a separate pump and filter. A small fountain itself usually ranges in price between $120 and $180 and a large recreational size fountain is usually around $1,000. Fountain pumps usually range around the same price as regular submersible pond pumps. The all-in-one Fountain Kits with a filter and pump included range from $80-$180.

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