Pond Foggers

Misting Your Pond Ultrasonically

Essentially used for ornamental purposes only, the main purpose of a fogger is to vaporize the water into a mist or fog above the pond in order to accentuate lighting. Sometimes these units are called pond misters or ultrasonic wave atomizers.

Pond foggers are affected by the elements and the depth of the pond. The shallower the pond, the more fog will be created. They really are a fabulous addition to your pond, especially with soft lighting. It makes your backyard look like an eerie, but lovely and inviting solitude.

Pond foggers are completely safe to use with fish and other living creatures and can give your pond a cool effect, especially at night when used in combination with lighting or on a wet or grey day. Pond foggers typically come with a 36-volt transformer and 10-foot power cord.

They are required to be used with a 'fogger float' which keeps the fogger afloat and at the right depth, which is essential for proper operation. The head of a pond fogger must also be fully submerged 2 to 3 inches below the pond's surface when the power is on in order to produce fog. Basic pond foggers are priced at roughly $70 online.

By adding pond lighting , ideally spotlights, the mist over a garden pond at night will add an interesting effect with the lights shining through the fog. Pond foggers with color changing LED lights are also available online for approximately $150.

Many pond foggers now come with LED lights and a one year warranty. The best pond foggers should be fully or semi-submersible, have a long power cord for optimal usage, come with a transformer and float, and for real fun, have color changing lights. Look for ones that use ultrasonic waves instead of chemicals.

There seems to be issues with mineral build-up on the pond fogger's ceramic pieces. Use the key or winding ring to remove the ceramic piece and clean it gently. Do not clean the ceramic parts while in situ. You can usually buy replacement ceramic discs as well, they cost under $10.

There are also indoor foggers available for indoor fountains and tabletop ornaments. You can use these items for creating the perfect Halloween decoration, cauldron style, or for the perfect romantic evening.

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