Pond Equipment

Gear You Need to Have a Great Pond

A pond can be a stunning feature in your backyard. However, if it is not properly built or maintained it can be a disastrous and smelly monstrosity. There are tools of the pond trade that you must have before starting to build. Pond equipment can be quite pricy, so you should know what the overall cost is before you build, in order to budget properly.

New Pond Equipment for a Preformed Pond:

  • Hose, pencil and string or spray paint to mark out area.
  • Measuring tape to ensure you have the right size and shape.
  • An edger for pristine lines.
  • Something to carry the soil away, like a wheelbarrow or cart.
  • A rake and tamping tool to even out soil.
  • Sand for backfill.
  • A level and a straight plank of wood, which reaches all sides of your pond.
  • The preformed pond liner.

New Pond Equipment for a Flexible Liner:

  • Hose, spray paint or pencil and string to rough out the pond area before digging.
  • Something to carry the soil away like a wheelbarrow or tote box.
  • An edger to get clean lines.
  • A shovel to dig. Make sure you get a good one; there may be rocks in the stratigraphy.
  • A rake to smooth over the soil. Get a rock rake if your soil is pebbly.
  • A level (and a straight piece of wood the length and width of your pond). You need to ensure your pond water is level with the ground.
  • Underlayment and pond liner .
  • Bricks, books, stones or something to hold the liner down while building and to hold the liner in place when completed, for functional decoration.
  • If you are building the pond over a few days, you will need a tarp to cover the area in case of rain.

Pond Equipment for Maintenance:

  • A pond thermometer.
  • Water test kits. These basic kits can run you about $50 a year.
  • Pond netting to protect your fish from predators and to keep leaves and debris from wrecking the balance of your water.
  • Skimmer nets.
  • A good pump and filter system and electricity, plus a routine for cleaning.
  • An aerator (or waterfall).
  • For the winter months in a cold climate, a de-icer or pond heater and a few tennis balls to help with pressure on the structure.
  • Fish food.
  • A hose or water source for refilling in intervals.
  • Pond chemicals to help balance the water.
  • If you have a flexible liner pond, it is a good idea to have a pond repair kit on hand.
  • For a fish pond it is a good idea to have plastic piping for the fish to hide in if predators come near.
  • A UV sterilizer or UV clarifier.

There are so many optional pieces of pond equipment for decorative purposes like: waterfalls, foggers, pond lighting and of course many different varieties of aquatic plants and pond fish. Before you get too excited buying decorative pond equipment, get the basics down first. Sometimes ponds can be a lot of work initially and you may have to buy extra pond chemicals, etc. The three most important things to remember with ponds is to make sure your pond structure is solid, your water is balanced and that you have the right pond equipment to do this.

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